Dumpsters for Carpet Tear Out

Freshen Up Your Homes Flooring this Spring

Doing a little carpet tear out this spring? Winters harsh weather probably was not kind to the carpets in your home. All winter long germs, ice melt, and mud were tracked into your home, making your carpets dull and dirty. One of the best ways to enhance your homes look is to replace your old dull carpet and install new flooring! Whether you choose to stick to carpets or make the move to more modern flooring, your old flooring needs to go.

So what do you do with your old carpet? Luckily Dumpster Rental Inc can help you there, once you’ve torn out your old carpets, throw them into one of our roll off dumpster rentals!

Various Sizes

Dumpster Rental Inc carries all size dumpsters, and we service nationwide! Whatever amount of carpet you have to throw away don’t stress, our dumpsters can handle it all. For example if you’re replacing the flooring in two standard size rooms in your home, we would recommend our 10 yard container. No matter the amount of material you need to dispose we will find you the perfect size dumpster, drop it in your driveway or whatever area of property you choose, and pick it up as soon as you are done!


Save Money by Doing it Yourself

Tearing your carpet out yourself can seem like a hassle, but if you can take time out to do it yourself you could save a lot of green! Removing old carpet and installing new carpet in its place can save you time of finding someone to do it and money you’d of spent on paying them to do so.

Helpful Tips

When removing your old flooring, be sure to break down your materials first. By breaking down your old materials, you allow yourself more room for whatever waste you have left. For example, if you have large cabinet you want to throw out while you’re removing your flooring, be sure to destroy it.

Yes that means taking a sledge hammer to the cabinet and breaking it down until it’s flat. The flatter it is, the more space you’ll have in your dumpster! The same applies to your carpet, if you just throw whole rolls of carpet in, it will take up more space.


If you think you’re ready to tackle on a carpet tear out in your home, and need a dumpster to help dispose of the mess call us at Dumpster Rental Inc! Our project managers will walk you through the rental process step by step, and send you the perfect size dumpster you’ll need for this project!

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