Home Improvements that Pay Off

7 Home Improvements that Pay Off

Take a look at these 7 home improvements that pay off and will help increase your homes value. Put money back in your pocket when the time comes to sell with these 7 projects.


Minor Bathroom Remodel

Average return at resale: 102 %

The average cost of a minor bathroom remodel is around $10,500, this would include the cost of replacing the tub, tile surround, floor, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures. On average you will get back around $10,700 at resale, a recoup rate of 102%.


Attic Bedroom Conversion

Average return at resale: 93.5%

Converting your attic into a bedroom will cost you around $39,200 if you plan on adding up to two or three more rooms. The resale value is about $36,650 with an average recoup rate of 93.5%, the pricing includes a 15 x 15 ft bedroom, a 5 x 7 ft bath with shower and a 15 ft dormer with four windows and a closet. Be sure to add attic insulation to keep your utility bills low, make sure the foil vapor barrier is installed down toward the ceiling to prevent any moisture from seeping up. Also keep in mind whether or not your HVAC system can handle another room, if not you need to factor in the cost of a second unit.

Major Bathroom Remodel

Average return at resale: 93.2%

A major bathroom remodel involves expanding an existing 5×7 ft. bathroom, relocating / replacing the tub and toilet and adding designer sinks and faucets, a linen closet, lighting, a ceramic tile floor and exhaust fan for a cost of $26,000, and brings in about $24,300 at resale. Start at the bottom by replacing old floors with fresh tile in ceramic or stone for a solid payoff. It’s a good idea to buy some extra tiles in case you break any during installation. Set some tiles aside at the end of the job for future repairs. Updating an old vanity a with a new countertop for a clean, fresh look potential buyers will love.

Major Kitchen Remodel

Average return at resale: 91%

A complete kitchen remodel in a midrange home averages to about $43,900 and returns about $39,900 at resale. That price includes 30 ft. of cabinets, an island, laminate countertops, stainless sink, wall oven, cook top, vinyl flooring and appliances. If your home’s value increases and your kitchen’s finishes don’t, do a major remodel rather than small fix-ups. You should budget 10%-15% of your home’s value remodeling the kitchen.


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