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Safety Tips for Your Next Remodeling Project

Improving your homes curb appeal is something homeowners are always looking to do, one of the fastest ways to enhance your homes appearance is by remodeling it. You can either upgrade your siding, replace windows, add a porch/deck, the list is endless. Remodeling projects not only add to your homes appearance in a positive way, it also can increase its resale value!

Remember, remodeling projects are essentially small construction sites, which means there will be a few hazards, and a lot of ways to get hurt. Keep these tips in mind during your next remodeling project to ensure the safety of yourself and others!

Check Your Contractors Licensing and Insurance

The most important step in ensuring a safe remodeling project starts with an experienced contractor. You should hire a licensed contractor that can provide proof of insurance, is credible, and has references. Be sure they have valid insurance as you could be held personally liable if someone gets hurt on your property.

Wear Protective Gear

You should always have the proper safety gear ready when remodeling your home. Generally you should always wear safety glasses, a hard hat, and gloves. If you’re painting you may want to wear a mask to avoid inhaling fumes.

Dispose of Flammable Materials

Between the lumber, cardboard, sawdust, and paint that can be found around your renovation site, you need to keep fire safety in mind and label it as top priority. Make sure you properly dispose of all flammable debris, make the work site a no-smoking zone, and have a portable fire extinguisher easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Dumpster Safety

Dumpsters are a common site for injuries while on a renovation site. Make sure there is a clear path from the work site to the dumpster, and that the dumpster is as close as possible to the area the debris will be coming from. Keep the path clear of any tripping hazards, and load the dumpster evenly to maximize space and prevent tripping. Compact the waste as much as you can, do not enter the dumpster to step or jump on the debris, as there can be sharp objects like nails sticking out.
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