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Pick up the phone and get a quote in about a minute. Let us know what size you would like, and what you plan on puttin in the dumpster.




  • Dumpster Rental Inc was the best company i have dealt with by far. They got me my dumpster on time, and they beat out the other company I normally used by $200. Thanks Again Guys
    Robert Johnson “ABC Roofing”Contractor



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Dumpster Rental Information

Our dumpster rental information provides an effective and informative understanding of our trash removal services and dumpster containers and trash bins offered.

Professional trash removal services are offered to a number of different venues including home trash removal, industrial dumpsters as well as business and restaurant dumpsters and specialized trash bins. Services can be provided on a day to day, weekly, bi-weekly and even on a month to month basis. Dumpster rentals are an effective and affordable solution to collectively dispose of incurred waste. This dumpster rental information can help to provide an effective solution to any waste issues.

Business and restaurant dumpsters are more affordable and specialized than ever before! There are a multitude of dumpsters for any number of situations including specialized grease bins which can safely facilitate grease and other food waste products. Business dumpsters are a form of industrial bins but are generally intended for long term use and can come in a number of different form factors. Food service and restaurant bins are designed similarly to general business dumpsters but with the added benefit of being leak proof and capable of safely containing and transporting grease, oil and other food waste products.

For the use in more demanding situations such as construction sites and in remodeling of buildings, there are industrial bins which come in a number of sizes. The major difference between standard business bins and industrial dumpsters is not only size and dimension but the duration of the rental period. Most business rentals continue for extended lengths of time while industrial bins are generally geared for temporary use. The main goal of an industrial dumpster is to safely and effectively dispose of hazardous waste and bi-products of construction and other major projects.

Other long term rentals are geared towards home use and can facilitate smaller sums of trash but come at the lowest rental price. For those interested in home trash removal services there are single household bins as well as extended use, partially industrial bins. The latter of the bins is great for summer parties and can hold the equivalent of approximately 4 normal size bins.


If you have never rented a dumpster with us before you may have questions as to how to go about it. Our representatives are more than happy to talk these details over with you before you make your rental, but there are also a few guidelines that you should be aware of to make the process go a bit easier. We have compiled a list of basic facts that many users find helpful when making a rental purchase.

Like anything pertaining to building or construction management, rules and availability may vary based on your location. Our representatives will let you know if there are any other details you should be aware of so you can avoid unnecessary fines for not following local rules.

All of our employees have been trained to manage waste according to these standards so you will not be liable for anything that happens, once you have turned your dumpster back over to us.

Setting Up Your Appointment

There are a few things we would like to go over with you before we carry out a contract. This will help us better serve you and provide the right rental dumpster for the project you have planned.

  • Let us know if this is a short term or long term rental.
  • Give us an idea of whether our unit will be used for general waste, construction, green waste or recycling so we can determine if you need a solid unit or one with a lid.
  • Describe the nature of your project so we can help you decide what size dumpster you need to accommodate the amount and weight of the waste.
  • Inform us if there will be any children or pets on the property so we can help you determine the best way to keep them safe.

Any additional information you have that might be relevant to your dumpster rental contract is important, so feel free to discuss any concerns you might have with one of our representatives.

Safety Tips and Regulations

In order to make sure you and our employees are safe in the handling of your dumpster, there are a few rules you will need to follow. Additional regulations regarding the placement or contents of your dumpster may vary in your city, so please ask if there are any additional considerations for your area when you make your rental.

  • Do not fill dumpsters all the way to the top. This will make them too heavy for our trucks to carry and increases the risk that something will fall.
  • Plan a safe area that is large enough for our trucks to back in and out that is away from power lines for your dumpster to be placed.
  • You may want to place a few plywood boards on the ground to help protect your lawn from the weight of the trucks and the dumpster.
  • Do not place toxic materials, paint, appliances, medical waste, yard waste or any materials that are not allowed in your city’s landfill in your dumpster.

If you are aware of specific contents that you will need to dispose of, talk to our representatives so they can recommend the right size and type of dumpster for your needs.

Rental Units and Information

All rentals include a few basic amenities and costs that you should be aware of before you agree to the contract.

Our technicians will be happy to go over all of these items in more detail if you have additional questions or concerns.

  • Rental fees are based on the length of time that you will have the dumpster on your property, as well as pickup and delivery.
  • We will not pick up your dumpster until you call us to let us know that you are ready to have it removed.
  • Some cities require a permit to keep a dumpster on private property. We can inform you if this is necessary and what you need to do to file for one.

Additional fees may be applied if you keep the dumpster longer than you had planned or if you need a larger dumpster, so talk with us about the details of your project so we can help recommend the proper tools for your job.

If you have any other questions regarding our service or your construction needs, contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you.

Why should you select DUMPSTER RENTAL INC  ?

When you hire Dumpster Rental INC, we make sure can provide you with many different options and you can locate one that fits your needs. All costs are included so you dont have to worry about paying for the dumpster rental and then discovering hidden fees. Also, our customer service is excellent, so you will never be on your own or forgotten when you go through Dumpster Rental INC.

Many options available Affordable rentals and services Top notch customer support.
(888) 445-3867

Unfortunately we do not have an unlimited supply of dumpsters to rent. dont get stuck without a dumpster when you need it the most! Call us now to get a quote and reserve your roll-off.

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