Deep Clean Your Home this Spring

Deep Clean Your Home with These Six Tips

Spring cleaning is a stressful time for some, but don’t let the mess from winter overwhelm you. Giving your home a good deep clean is easier than you think, start with these six basic cleaning steps and get started on your spring cleaning.


Whether you find a new place, or get rid of something, whatever doesn’t belong in the room but is visible should be addressed. Your child’s crayons don’t belong in the kitchen, declutter what you can. Clearing clutter first will make your cleaning project easier, and seeing your place become more organized from a simple task will give you a little push.

Start High, Go Low

Tackle the hard to reach surfaces in this order: ceiling, ceiling trim, ceiling light fixtures, walls, the rest of the trim, and baseboards. Use a microfiber duster to clean these areas easier, find one with a telescoping handle, they’re thin enough that you can reach in the hard to reach spots. If you see dirt plus dust, use warm water mixed with a drop of dish soap, and get to cleaning.


Start cleaning your windows by wiping down the sills and tracks, you can use a damp cloth with all purpose cleaner, if you have an excessive amount of dust use a vacuum first. After cleaning the sills an tracks spray the window from top to bottom with the cleaner, wipe in one direction on the inside and another on the outside, it will be easier to see and fix streaks.

Freshen Up Your Window Treatments

You can save time time and trouble cleaning your blinds or shades by vacuuming them using your vacuums brush attachment. You can also save time by throwing your curtains in the dryer on low heat-fluff, rather than ironing, wipe off the rod and rings and hang them right back up with a new fresh look.

Ditch the Dust

Wipe all of the remaining hard surfaces in your home using a petroleum distillate-free, beeswax-based wood cleaner. Take a lint roller to the lampshades and vacuum down any remaining surfaces before wiping them.

Refresh Those Floors

To do this correctly, you have to move the furniture. It may seem like a hassle moving beds and couches, but you can make it easier on yourself by using furniture gliders under the large pieces. Once they’re moved use your vacuum to get the dirt that was trapped, be sure to get the corners and along the baseboards. If your home has hardwood flooring, use a microfiber mop and the prescribed cleaner. If you have carpet, rent a deep cleaner, if you have kids and or pets it may be a good idea to just invest in your own.

We hope you’ve found these cleaning tips helpful when starting your spring cleaning project. Remember this spring you may find yourself doing more of a household clean out than just a general spring cleaning, to help tackle the mess of your household waste call us at Dumpster Rental Inc! We can provide you with the perfect size roll off dumpster at an affordable rate for all of your household waste needs!

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