Transform Your House into Home

Transform Your House into Home with these Tips!

When you first move into a house, it doesn’t always necessarily feel like home. Your things aren’t put in place, the decor isn’t really your style, and there’s a few things that you’d like to update asap. Don’t stress, this should be an exciting time for you! Use these tips to make your house a home.

Brighten Up a Room with a Fresh Coat of Paint

By now you probably know how wonderful a fresh coat of paint can be for your walls. It’s easily one of the quickest and simplest ways to update a space. Lightening up a current color can make your space feel larger, adding a bold colored accent wall can dramatically change the mood of your space.

Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

You can buy very modern looking tile in big box stores, think about updating your kitchen with a nice white hexagon tile. The project should run you no more than $200.00, keep in mind your kitchen backsplash and countertops should flow well together, be sure to coordinate the materials before installing them!

Add a Wall Treatment

Most people have completely forgotten about wall paper, they think of old retro wilted walls. However wall paper is a great way to add a focal point to any room. You may do just one wall as an accent, or cut the wall in half from top to bottom, with wall paper and paint, use a crown molding line in between to create some dimension to your wall.



Add Some Green

If you want your home to have a magazine worthy look, add some living vegetation to bring color and life into your space. If you’re not the best at keeping up on plants needs, cacti and aloe vera plants are great options, they’re relatively easy to keep alive and require very little maintenance.

Mix Up Your Materials

If your decor is lacking add some of these materials for a fresh modern look!

Wood. Steer clear of the furniture store showroom style. Don’t be afraid to use different wood tones in the same space. A vintage mid-century dresser with its warm tones looks fantastic paired with natural wicker. Something moody like matte black shiplap needs a counterbalance like natural maple. Different wood tones make a space feel collected and curated, not purchased in one trip.

Metals. If you’re feeling flashy, use something large like an end table. But even simple things like hardware on a dresser or nailhead trim on a chair will give you just the right amount of metal.

Glass. Using glass objects is a great way to fill space without creating too much visual weight. Mirrors on the wall, a glass vase with flowers, or a lamp with a seeded glass base are easy ways to incorporate this material.

Textiles. Let’s look beyond the throw pillow for this one, bringing textiles into a room adds some serious character. Hang a weaving or rug on the wall, add a throw to the end of your bed, hang curtains, find a killer rug. All of these things will add depth and interest to your space.

Add Shelf Liners to Cabinetry and Closets

Shelf liners will not only keep your possessions protected, they will also add style that can be easily swapped out. There are tons of options available between heavy duty vinyl liners that are easy to clean, or patterned contact paper that will definitely make a statement whenever you open your cabinets.

Hang Stuff on Your Walls

You may shy away from hanging things on your walls because you don’t want to damage them, however there are a ton of products that can keep damage from nails and more to a minimum. For lightweight stuff, adhesive strips are perfect and cause no damage. If you want to hang something heavier, rather than using wall anchors that leave holes in the wall, try monkey hooks. Monkey hooks can hold up to 35 pounds, for even heavier items try Gorilla hooks, they can hold up to 50 pounds.

Swap Out that Outdated Bathroom Vanity

Changing out larger fixtures like a bathroom vanity may not be what you want. However you don’t necessarily need to, there are options available that aren’t pre-assembled, allowing you to customize your vanity with different drawer fronts, hardware, legs and more! The best part is this renovation will cost less than $1000.00 and will bring a whole new look to your bathroom!

Update Flooring

Nothing hurts a home more than an old, worn down floor. Flooring is definitely more of an investment that will require time and money, but if you do some shopping around, you can find something that’s both durable and beautiful, giving your space a fresh updated look.

Depending on the space, you’ve got loads of options:

  • Tile is ideal for places that have the possibility of water damage, like a kitchen, bath, or laundry room.
  • Solid hardwood is great as a long-term investment because it can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Engineered hardwood is typically more durable, costs less than solid hardwood, and from the surface, you can’t really tell a difference.
  • If you’re a little bit rougher on things, luxury vinyl tile is virtually indestructible. It’s not made from wood, but some options have wood patterns that can be very convincing.

Whether you’re a homeowner or going to be one soon, these DIY ideas for transforming a house into home will keep you on budget and give your home a fresh, warm, and homey feel for years to come! Remember when doing any renovations on your home you’ll need to rent a dumpster, when that happens call us! Dumpster Rental Inc is the nations leader in dumpster rentals, with affordable rates and top of the line service, we guarantee you’ll have a smooth renovation with help from us at Dumpster Rental Inc.


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