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Do You Need a Dumpster for Concrete?

Many of our customers call us and ask if they can get a dumpster for concrete, or “how can I dispose of concrete”, the answer is simple! Dumpster Rental Inc can easily take care of your concrete waste with our concrete boxes, whether you’re disposing concrete at your business, work site, or personal property we can send you a dumpster. Heavy debris such as concrete, dirt, and asphalt can easily be removed with our fast delivery and disposal, keeping your project on schedule. Before we drop off a concrete box to your location there’s a few things you should know.

Filling a dumpster with just concrete is what we call a “clean fill”, filling our dumpsters with clean concrete is fine, as long as it’s just that. Below is some more information to help get you started on ordering your concrete dumpster.

Disposing of Concrete with a Dumpster

Disposing concrete is a fairly simple process, just call us at Dumpster Rental Inc, give our project managers some information, specifically let them know you’ll need the dumpster for just concrete. If you have other debris including dirt, asphalt, or brick, let them know so they can better service you. Remember because of the weight of this debris, the dumpster you will receive will be either a 10 or 20 yard, each will have a set weight limit of 10 tons.

Fill it Properly

Make sure when filling your dumpster with concrete to keep it at the marked line, going over this line can cause issues, leading to extra charges and more. Due to the fact that concrete is heavier than most materials, it’s important to follow the rules and fill the dumpster to the correct marker, if you go over the line our drivers may not be able to pull the dumpster for you when you’re ready for a pick up. This will result in dry run fees, over tonnage fees, and you having to take concrete parts out of the dumpster yourself. If you receive a 20 yard dumpster, make sure you only fill it half way, anything over half will usually go over the 10 ton limit.

Mixing Concrete with Other Materials

Concrete can’t be mixed with other household junk items. Our trucks take concrete boxes to a facility that disposes concrete only, therefore nothing else can be in the concrete waste box. However, you can mix concrete and dirt, just make sure you let your rental company know exactly what you’ll be putting in the dumpster to avoid any issues. If they have all of the information they can better assist you and send you the correct box or boxes.

Make sure when placing your order for a concrete dumpster, that you read and understand the terms and conditions of your rental fully. Ask questions if you’re unsure, ask how many tons are included, how much extra it will be if you go over the provided tonnage, and what fee’s you could be charged for if you do mix concrete with other materials.

What Types of Heavy Debris Can Go in a Concrete Dumpster?

Before placing your order for a concrete dumpster rental, it’s important you understand the different types of heavy debris that can be put in our dumpsters. These types are classified as clean concrete and mixed heavy debris.

Clean Concrete

Clean concrete is just that, no other materials are going in or are allowed in the dumpster including: Excess metal, trash, roots, household waste, etc. Clean concrete is recycled and used for multiple purposes like gravel and aggregate in road beds. If concrete has paint on it it won’t be accepted if it’s lead based paint, it will only be considered “clean” if the paint is lead free.

Mixed Heavy Debris

Mixed heavy debris is a combination of clean concrete and other heavy materials including, block, brick, and or asphalt. If all of the materials are clean, meaning free of lead based paint, and are not mixed with significant amounts of metals and trash, then disposing of this mixed load shouldn’t be a hassle. Generally, as long as your concrete is clear of any contaminants your rental process should run smoothly. Keep in mind contaminated or dirty concrete can not be disposed of.

Keep in mind when you’re filling your dumpster that the maximum weight for a heavy debris load is 10 tons (20,000 lbs), or 10 cubic yards. This is equal to 500 square feet at 6 inches thick.


We hope you found this helpful when ordering your dumpster rental for concrete, or other heavy debris. Remember when you’re ready to order your dumpster rental, call us at Dumpster Rental Inc! For an on time, affordable, zero hassle dumpster rental process, call the experts!

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