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When looking to rent a dumpster for your home renovation project or construction project, keep in mind that not all dumpster rental companies are the same. Like many, you probably have been shopping around for a dumpster rental service, if you have you’ve probably noticed that each company has different prices and policies. Figuring out what rental company to choose can be both confusing and frustrating, to make it easier consider these three factors when making your decision.

What Are the Available Sizes?

Every dumpster rental company is different, but the sizes of the containers they carry should be fairly similar. The more sizes a company offers, the better change you’ll have of finding the correct size for your project. Most companies will carry 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard roll off dumpsters, some may offer 12 and 15 yard containers as well. Choosing the right size can get tricky for a first time dumpster rental customer, remember if you go too small, you’ll have to rent another dumpster, go too big and you’ll pay for more than you need.
At Dumpster Rental Inc we carry both small permanent dumpsters for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pick up, and larger roll off dumpsters that are used for temporary use (usually 7-10 days). Our project managers will ask you some questions about your project and from there will help you decide which dumpster size is best for you. Keep in mind it’s always a good idea to go with the next size up if you’re really unsure about how much debris your project will create.

What is the Disposal Process? 

Some customers don’t care about what happens to their waste after the dumpster is removed, however at Dumpster Rental Inc we do all we can to make the most out of your unwanted goods. Most of the material that is disposed and hauled away goes to recycling centers if they’re recyclable, so that they can be reused later. Items that can’t be recycled get brought to the landfill and are disposed of correctly.
Remember there are some items that can not be disposed of, even at the landfill. You can check here for a list of prohibited items that are not taken by most dumpster rental companies.

What is Their Availability?

When calling a rental company, consider their availability. If you’re in an emergency situation or doing a last minute project and need a dumpster as soon as possible you may have a tough time finding a dumpster. Some rental companies require the order to be placed a week in advanced, however that isn’t always an option when something pops up. Dumpster Rental Inc offers same day dumpster rental services for our customers when time is of the essence. Keep in mind, calling in at 3:00 PM does not guarantee you will get a dumpster by 4:00 PM.
Before you make a decision on where you’re renting your dumpster, remember that Dumpster Rental Inc strives to be the nations leader in dumpster rentals! We offer affordable rental options and same day service, you can not go wrong with a dumpster from the professionals at Dumpster Rental Inc. Call us today for a free quote and get started on your dumpster rental!

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