How to Properly Dispose Medicine

How Can You Properly Dispose of Your Medicine?

Every household has a medicine cabinet that is filled with different types of medication, from allergy medication, to advil, you probably have a few expired pill bottles lying around your home. It’s important to properly dispose of any expired medications to avoid potential contamination and poisoning. Here’s some tips on what not to do, and how to properly dispose of your old medicine.

What Not to Do

Flush It

If your medicines comes with instructions that specifically say it must be flushed, do not do it. Flushing medication can lead to water pollution, which can damage your own drinking water as treatment stations aren’t always effective in removing chemicals.

Throw It Away

If you throw your medicine out into the garbage there are a few consequences that could follow. If you take your medicine out of the bottle and throw it away, pets and small children could potentially get a hold of it. If you throw your medication out while it’s still in the bottle, keep in mind people may also go through your garbage, intentionally searching for medicine, which could also have some personal information on it.

How to Properly Dispose of Your Medicine

Find a Local Take Back Pharmacy

There are a ton of facilities around the country that will take back your unused medication, do a quick google search and look for a credible take back pharmacy. You may also ask your pharmacist if they offer a recycling program.

If You Can’t Find a Local Take Back

If you can’t find a way to safely recycle your old medicine, you may throw it away, but please do it safely. You can combine the medication with an undesirable substance, like coffee grounds or cat litter, and seal it in a plastic bag. This will help prevent children and animals from poisoning themselves, as well as keeping the chemicals of the medicine away from the ground / water supply.

We hope you have found these tips helpful when disposing of your expired medications! If you have any further questions on how to properly dispose of substances you’re unsure of, give us a call! Remember for all of your waste needs look to the professionals Dumpster Rental Inc, we offer temporary roll off dumpsters, permanent front load dumpsters, porta potties and more! Call us today for a free quote or to get more information on our services!

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