Clever Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

7 Simple Tricks to Help Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Kitchens are tough areas to keep organized, because they’re a central part of everyone’s day to day lives. Kitchens that become cluttered can cause chaos and could even potentially end up costing you money if they become too untidy. An uncluttered kitchen with plenty of storage is the goal of many homeowners, and to some a dream. Making sure your kitchen items are put in their proper places will make prepping, cooking, and cleaning much easier and much more fun.

Baskets & Bins

Baskets can be helpful for organizing kitchen supplies. Place a basket with handles on a pantry shelf for easy access to contents. A mesh design with labels allows you to see contents at a glance. Organize your pantry staples in see through, pull out baskets to make it easier to see what you have and what you need. Use a shallow basket to organize cooking oils and spices. Line the bottom of the basket with a metal cookie sheet to making cleaning up inevitable spills easier. Utilitarian plastic baskets become a smart space-saver inside a crowded freezer. Use the baskets to organize packages by type (frozen pizzas in one, bags of vegetables in another, etc.) and nothing will get lost in the back of your freezer.

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