Avoid Extra Dumpster Fees

Don’t Get Penalized Follow These Tips

In the process of renovating your home or working on a large construction project, you probably had to rent a dumpster. In the process you’ve thrown a way a ton of debris, and of course you can never really truly tell how much is in the dumpster from just your eye. Before you start loading your dumpster with all types of waste it’s a good idea to know the terms and conditions from your rental company.

Below are a few tips on how to avoid extra dumpster rental fees:

Ask Questions

While you’re on the phone with your dumpster rental company, be sure to ask any questions you may have regarding the pricing and the exact terms and conditions. It’s a good idea to ask how much you will be charged if your dumpster goes over the provided weight limit, or if your rental goes longer than the agreed upon time. Do not hesitate to ask questions, they could help you from having to pay hundred out of pocket later on.

Make Your Drop Off Location Accessible

The location you choose to have your dumpster placed is very important. It should be an easily accessible area, clear of low hanging wires, tree branches, cars, and other obstacles that could potentially prevent the dumpsters delivery and pick up. Be aware if the truck cannot safely access your drop off location, you could be charged a fee for a failed delivery. In your terms and conditions it’s a good idea to read about the delivery policy.

Consider the Weight of Your Debris

The most common fee a customer will be charged with is an over tonnage fee. You are given a set weight limit when you place your order, a 10 yard may have 1 ton provided, a 20 yard 2 tons, and so on. A common misconception is the volume of the dumpster and the weight of it, you potentially can fit all of your debris in the dumpster, but the materials going in may still weigh too much. If this happens you will receive an overage fee, it’s important to read over your dumpster rental invoice to se how much you will be charged if this happens.

Keep Prohibited Items Out

Dumpsters can pretty much handle any junk you need to dispose of, however hazardous waste and large appliances are not accepted. Items such as tires, car batteries, wet paint, mattresses, and more are not allowed in your dumpster rental. While on the phone with your dumpster rental company be sure to ask what can’t go inside. Asking ahead of time can save you money in the long run, as prohibited items will lead to additional fees.

Check our Prohibited Items page for more information!

Don’t Overfill the Dumpster

When you’re finishes with your dumpster, it’s time to haul it away. Before the driver comes back for a pickup, make sure your debris isn’t exceeding the fill line. If the debris is going past the fill line, the driver will not be able to pick up the dumpster, and you will most likely be charges for a dry-run fee. Avoid the hassle and fees by making sure the debris does not exceed the fill line.

Call for Pickup

Many people make the mistake of not calling when they are finished with their dumpster. Most companies will not remove the dumpster on their own without a call from the customer telling them they are ready for pickup. Many rental companies include a 7-10 day rental period, after your agreed upon days are up there will be a fee of X amount of dollars for each day the dumpster is over. You may rent the dumpster for as long as you need, but if you think you’ll need it longer than the normal 7-10 days you should discuss this with your rental company prior to ordering.


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! If you have more questions about a dumpster rental, or are ready for your next dumpster rental, call us! Dumpster Rental Inc is the nations leader in dumpster rentals, we provide same day service, nationwide, have affordable rates, and guarantee customer satisfaction! Remember for all of your waste needs call the experts at Dumpster Rental Inc!

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