Why Haul it Yourself? Rent a Dumpster!

What Should You Do?

If you’ve begun planning on doing some remodeling in your home, or even a simple clean up you of course have thought of what you’re going to do with the waste. One of the best ways to get rid of your debris is by renting a dumpster, particularly a dumpster from the experts at Dumpster Rental Inc! Why spend time hauling your garbage away yourself, when you could be using that time to finish your project! Leave it to us at Dumpster Rental Inc, read below for a list of reasons why renting a dumpster is the better path.

If it’s not a small project, don’t haul it yourself

8 and 10 yard trailers are very common among small demolition companies, they can be useful for small debris removal jobs, but not much more. For projects that produce more than 8 yards worth of debris, which most likely yours will do, rent a dumpster. Renting a dumpster is almost always the more cost efficient and convenient option.

Here’s why…

It’s very common to underestimate the amount of debris a project will generate. This mistake can rack up the cost of debris disposal fast. When you hire a company to remove the debris with a trailer (say they quote you $150 per haul), that means you’re signing up to pay that $150 every time they take a trip to the landfill. If your project generates a lot of waste, which requires multiple trips to the landfill, you’re paying for all of those trips on top of disposal fees.

Dumpster rental works much differently, when you call in and give some information about your project, our project managers can help guide you in choosing the correct dumpster size for you. Say you get a 20 or 30 yard container, rather than a 10 yard trailer, with these larger dumpsters you’ll almost always get the disposal finished in one shot. You pay one price that includes the cost of the dumpster, the weight included, and the disposal fees. Keep in mind you should try to over estimate the amount of debris you think your project will create. Doing this will help you avoid any overage charges or require multiple trips to the landfill.


There are several dumpster sizes to choose from, each having their own weight limit, with our company that weight is included in the price, for others the cost may vary. The dumpster size you choose must be big enough to handle the debris from your project, so try to get a good estimate on what you’re going to be disposing of. below are some common interior demolition projects that can help you determine the best dumpster size.

Bathroom remodels

If you’re doing a small ½-bath remodel, you can get away with using a 10 yard dumpster for the debris. However, for larger bathroom remodels, a 20 yard dumpster would be the smarter option.

Kitchen remodels

For a small kitchen remodel, you will likely be able to use a 20 yard dumpster without going over the weight limit, but for a large kitchen remodel, you will certainly need a 30 yard, if not a 40 yard dumpster.

Medium to large home remodels

For general home remodels that involve demolishing medium to large amounts of the home’s interior, you will likely want to go with a 30 or 40 yard dumpster.

The bigger dumpster is almost always the better option

If you’re unsure about what size dumpster you’ll need, because you don’t actually know how much waste your project will make or how long your project will be, it’s always a good move to rent a dumpster one size bigger than you think. Debris adds up fast, and doing some renovating has a way of making you want to throw out other things you’ve been meaning to get rid of over the years. The cost of course will be more up front, but it may save you money in the long run. You’ll be able to get rid of all of your debris with a single trip to the landfill, avoiding extra costs.


If you’re looking to rent a dumpster for your next project, call us at Dumpster Rental Inc! We service nationwide and have the most affordable rates throughout the country. Call us today and speak with one of our experienced project managers, they’ll walk you step by step through the process and send you out the perfect size roll off dumpster!

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