What to Do When Your Basement Floods

After the Flooding – What’s Next?

A home owners nightmare, you walk down the stairs into your basement to find several inches of water. The stress begins, the cost of this seems overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin. There are several steps you need to take to ensure your safety and to take care of the flooding efficiently and without breaking the bank.

It’s also very important to remember to not rush down to save any belongings before you are 100% sure it’s safe. Keep calm and ask yourself the following questions:


Inspecting a Flooded Basement

Determine the severity of the flooding, is the water secluded to one small area? If it’s not high enough to cause any electrical risk then you can proceed to the bottom of the stairs through any dry areas. If he water is rising from a backed up sump pump you must address it properly.

If severe flooding is occurring or has occurred:

  • Check for structural damage. Exit the premises if the foundation is at risk.
  • Call a plumbing/draining company. Electrical outlets and equipment could be at risk.
  • Act quickly to minimize water damage and limit potential repair and replacement costs.
  • Contact your insurance agent. They’ll assist you in how to proceed in filing a claim.

What to do After the Flood

Turn off the electric in your basement, keep it off until an electrician fully inspects your home. When the water level decreases enough to where it’s safe to process, begin taking pictures of the damage. Make a list of any damaged items along with the photographs, this will help you while making a claim to your insurance agency. Be sure to boil water until your water supply is safe to drink and prepare food with.

Drying Out a Wet Basement

Moisture in your basement from the flood can ruin your belongings if it’s not taken care of quickly and properly. Remove and dry everything that’s wet immediately to prevent mold. Then follow these steps as a cleaning process:

  1. Place all carpet, furniture and other items in a dry area away from the flooding.
  2. Put on gloves before beginning to clean and disinfect impacted items.
  3. Use one of a variety of methods (e.g. high-powered fans) to begin drying out.
  4. Clean with a pine-oil cleanser and bleach.
  5. Monitor each item for a couple days for any odor or mold growth.

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Of course you want to try to salvage every one of your belongings after a flood, unfortunately that’s not always possible. However for those who file a claim with their insurance company should be able to restore their basement like new without spending an arm and a leg.

Repairing and replacing all the material in your basement is the final step in a flood cleanup. Depending on the impact the water has made, you may need to hire professional installers, purchase a new sump pump and or rent a dumpster.


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