7 Home Improvements Under $150

Transform an overlooked space and tackle common home improvement projects with these seven simple, budget friendly solutions! Take a look below and try out as many of these affordable miniature makeovers as you want

Restore Your Floor

Wood is very versatile in comparison to other flooring materials, however regular exposure to dust, dirt, and general wear and tear will leave your wood floods looking dull and distressed. But don’t worry, restoring your floor’s shine is fairly simple, you just need to polish with a product specifically designed for hardwood flooring. Polish your floors once a year, or twice a year if you have a lot of traffic in your home.

Freshen Up the Fireplace

Give your old, dated brick fireplace a fresh, modern makeover with a new coat of paint. Be sure to first clean your fireplace thoroughly before applying a stain blocking primer. After you’ve cleaned up, pick out a high-gloss paint to give your fireplace a fresh look that lasts.

Backsplash for Less

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen will not only add some character, but it will also keep your walls protected from any spills or splashes. Tile backsplashes and beaded-board backsplashes are pretty easy to install and can be done without a professional.

Stop Clutter at the Door

The entryway is of course one of the first rooms your guests will see, therefore you should want it to make a good impression. Keep your drop zone tidy by adding a functioning storage system to your entryway. Think of what furniture you can use for multiple purposes, a bench may double as a shoe caddy, installing wall hooks, cubbies, or even a bench will help keep your entryway organized and accessible.

Add a Little Light

You can create a beautiful well lit room with light fixtures that will not only light up your space, but add energy or even sooth a space. There are many lighting options that are design savvy yet affordable, place a chandelier in your dining room for instant sophistication, or install a dimmer light to a living room space for a more relaxing experience while watching your shows at night.

Go Modular

If your lacking space in your home, but still have a ton of stuff, don’t stress. You can boost up a blank walls style and get storage space by installing a modular shelving unit. All of your books, display pieces and other knickknacks can have a home and be displayed with this cubbly style shelving. The cubby style shelves are a great fit for baskets, boxes, and bins to keep storage accessible but still out of sight.

Accessorize Your Entryway

Brighten up your dull entryway with small accessories, outdoor lights, and a mailbox that reflects your personal design. You can drastically change the feel of your home by creating a more inviting entryway, as it’s going to be the first thing your guests see when they come over, you should want it to be warm and inviting, but also show some personality. Matching finishes on accessories will give your entryway a classic look, while mix and match accessories, such as vintage or upcycled fixtures, will create a one of a kind aesthetic.


We hope you’ve found these simple, affordable, mini makeover ideas helpful! Remember if you’re planning on doing any large home projects or home improvements that will require a dumpster rental, call us at Dumpster Rental Inc!

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