Getting Ready for an Open House

3 Must Do’s before an Open House

If you’re putting a for sale sign on your front lawn this spring, you might want to do a few updates before your open house. Start by touching up the paint in your home, deep clean any carpeting, and as always, de-clutter! While you may have grown accustom  to the little imperfections in your home, potential buyers may see them as deal breakers.

Below are some ideas on how to freshen up your home before an open house. Take a look at these tips and get your home sold this spring!

Fix the Scuffs on Your Hardwood Floor

While preparing your home for an open house, take a look at your hardwood floors. Scuffs and scratches are very easy to see in hardwood floors, potential buyers may see these marks and think of them as just another thing to fix, leaving a bad image in their mind. Before people enter your home for an open house, make sure you fix up your floors with these solutions:

Assess the Severity: Light scratches can be rubbed out with steel wool, deeper ones with lightweight (180 grit) sandpaper.

Apply Mineral Spirits: Rub mineral spirits into the scratch to smooth it over and pick up any remaining dust.

Use Wood Filler: Use a plastic putty knife to fill in the scratch with wood filler that matches the color of your floor.

Sand and Wipe: Go over the scratch with sandpaper once more and wipe up the dust.

Refinish the Board: Use varnish or polyurethane to seal the sanded area with a natural bristle brush.

Give Your Appliances a Face Lift

Take a look at the appliances in your home, they’ve probably seen better days. Give your fridge, microwave, stove, and oven a good clean inside and out. Clear away any foot stains or spills, and be sure to get your dishwasher back to new with appliance cleaner. Remember to clean the oven a few days before your open house, to avoid the smell from lingering.

Touch Up the Paint

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your home, consider touching up the paint on the walls. Give your home a fresh coat of paint in your living room, kitchen, and other rooms you think potential buyers will linger in. A fresh coat of paint will brighten up the rooms and leave a positive impact on buyers, and it’s easy to do!


We hope you’ve found these quick tips helpful when getting your home ready for an open house! Remember when moving you may end up with a ton of junk you don’t want bringing along to your new home. Call us at Dumpster Rental Inc for a dumpster rental that will tackle the junk you’re leaving behind!

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