5 End of Summer Home Projects

5 End of Summer Home Maintenance Projects

As the summer comes to an end, there are a number of chores that should get done before the autumn air comes in. Before the summer ends, take one last dip in the pool before you begin to tackle these end of summer maintenance projects. These projects will get you and your home ready for fall and the cold months ahead.

Put on a Fresh Coat

If you’ve been wanting to lighten up a room, now’s the perfect time. Humidity and heat are down, but it’s still warm enough outdoors to keep windows open while you work, which will also help your walls dry faster. Start by covering your floors, fill in any holes in your walls and let it dry properly before you begin painting. Remember to wait until the first coat of paint is completely dry before adding a second coat, this will help avoid streaks or uneven coloring.

Wake Up Your Windows

You can see by now that the days are getting shorter, to maximize your home’s natural light give your windows a good cleaning. Start with a moist microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust, remember the outside of the window will be dirtier than the inside. Spray outdoor windows down with the hose, then grab some glass cleaner and wipe down the inside and outside thoroughly. While you’re there, take a look at your screens, check for any holes or tears that need repairing.

Retire Your Patio Furniture

Your outdoor furniture is a main part of your backyard. Give them the TLC they deserve before packing them away for the winter. Wipe down tables and chairs with a dry cloth to get rid of any surface grime, pollen, and other debris. Hose them down after to be sure there are no bugs or filth left. If you have fabric cushions, they may require a bit more attention as you don’t want to take out moldy, mildew pillows and cushions next year. Check the labels for cleaning instructions and make sure all items are completely dry before moving them into storage.

Set Up a Mudroom

Not every home has a a mudroom, a place where you can hang your wet outerwear and footwear, but most cold use one. To create a functional mudroom out of your entryway, consider adding a large, freestanding piece of furniture with a bench seat, cubbies, and hooks that can be used to hang everyone’s outerwear. If you’re lacking space, slide a slim console table into the hall, use baskets underneath for shoes and boots, and station a coat rack nearby. This mud area should be close to the front door to prevent muddy and slushy tracks from entering your home.

Get into Your Garage

Only 30% of homeowners can actually keep a car in their garage, lacking space due to clutter is a huge part of that tiny percentage. If you don’t intend on storing your vehicle in the garage, it could still probably use some tidying up. Sort through the items you have, make a pile for things you haven’t used in a while, and things you still need. Once you’ve got a pile of things you’ll be keeping, arrange them by type. Tools, sporting goods, holiday decorations and so on should be kept in their own spaces. Consider adding shelves and buying some stackable bins, this will help keep the garage in order. Once it’s organized give it a good sweep and dusting, check out the motor and roll your car into its new winter home.


Once you’ve completed these end of summer maintenance projects you’ll feel much better about the cold months ahead. Remember during your projects you may find yourself throwing away more items than you realized you had. To get rid of any bulky items, debris or other household junk, consider renting a dumpster. Call us at Dumpster Rental Inc for a free quote on one of our 10 yard containers, perfect for a little end of summer waste removal!



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