Hidden Renovation Costs that Can Blow Your Budget

Everyone knows renovating your home can get expensive, that’s why most people will set a budget. In your budget you’ve accounted for everything, or at least you thought you did. You’re two weeks into your bathroom makeover, your kitchen is in disarray, and you’re already fed up of the mess. Then comes the words no home owner wants to hear “We have a problem”. Upsets and surprises happen, laying out cash on unexpected renovation costs aren’t completely avoidable, however there are a ton of hidden renovation costs you can prepare for!

Here are some surprising things that can set your budget back during your next big project.

Hotel Stays

You’re planning on living home during the renovation, however if a contractor accidentally smashes through your bedroom wall, or the noise and mess become unbearable, you may find yourself checking into the nearest hotel.

Extra Muscle

If you’re cleaning up your renovation space, or simply moving boxes from upstairs to the basement, you may feel like you need a few extra helping hands. You won’t want to come home from a long day at work, to lift kitchen boxes and other debris, but hiring a professional mover will cost you around $500, which may make an impact on your existing budget.

Anxious Pups

Your pets may not handle the noise and mess of people coming in and out of your home as well as you’d of hoped for. Not only are construction zones full of noisy strangers, they also are full of hazards for your pets. Debris from remodels can harm your dog, to avoid any situation that may hurt your pets you could put them in a doggie daycare. However dog daycares can be stressful on your pet, and your budget, look for local dog sitters to save some cash if your dog needs to get some time away from your remodel.



Dinners Out

Cooking without a kitchen is a challenge, even if your kitchen remains mostly intact during your renovation, putting a meal together in a dusty, messy home is not ideal. Rather than eating meals out, try storing pre-prepped, microwaveable meals in your freezer. Or channel your inner college kid, and make a makeshift kitchen. If this isn’t enough for your try to include some dinners out in your budget.

Dumpster Fees

Construction debris has to go somewhere, whether your DIYing your remodel or working with a contractor, dumpster fees may surprise you. Depending on the size of your home, location, and a few more things, expect to spend anywhere from $400.00 – $600.00. Remember to mention us to your contractor, or call us yourselves for an affordable dumpster rental that won’t break your budget!


Keeping these things in mind will help when creating your budget as well as during your remodel. Don’t get caught up in a set budget and plan penny by penny, unexpected costs are common in home renovations so don’t stress when they do occur! Remember to help out your budget, call us at Dumpster Rental Inc for an affordable, reliable roll off dumpster!




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