Keeping Your Garden Green

4 Sustainable Gardening Tips

If you enjoy gardening you’re not alone! Gardening is a very popular hobby, not only is it relaxing, it’s also rewarding to see your garden grow. What’s even more rewarding, is seeing an organic garden grow! Sustainable gardening is the method of growing plants organically, meaning it does not require any pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals that are harmful to us and the environment. This method of gardening is something to consider, especially if you love growing your own fruits and veggies. Sustainable gardening is very beneficial to your health, it also helps maintain your soil quality, saves you money, and generally makes your fruit and vegetables taste even better! Take a look at our 4 sustainable gardening tips and get started on your own!


Consider Composting

Composting food and yard waste not only makes your soil richer, it keeps less material out of the landfills! Create your own compost bin and throw in your kitchen scraps, fruit peels, grass trimmings, leaves, and other organic material.


Plant Plants Native to Your Area

Consider planting some native plants in your garden as these plants are already adapted to your local ecosystem and weather patterns. Native plans will require less maintenance, fertilizer, and water, which means you get to cut down your environmental footprint at the same time!

Choose a Gardening Method

Take the time to research what gardening methods are right for you in your own microclimate. No-till gardening is a way of growing without disrupting the soil through tillage (digging, stirring, etc.). You also have the option of raised bed gardening, a way of growing by elevating the soil to allow for better drainage and soil quality. Of course there are plenty of methods to gardening, ask some local experts at you nearby farmers market for tips.


Conserve Water with a Collection System

Water of course is one of our most valuable resources, be sure to only water plants when they need it! If you live in an area where the weather is hot and dry, you may need to water two to three times a week. To conserve water and control water runoff, consider using a drip irrigation, or set up your own rain barrels to collect rainwater. You can also take advantage of mulch beds, as they are a great way to help retain water so it does not evaporate or drain away quickly.


Now that you have a better understanding of what sustainable gardening is, and what you can do to practice it, it’s time to start planting! Remember, if you’re planning on doing any garden improvements you may end up with excess yard waste you’re unable to compost or dispose of properly on your own. If you’re stuck with yard waste call us at Dumpster Rental Inc! Call today for a free quote and get your yard looking its best!


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