Tips on Staging Your Home

How to Stage Your Home to Sell

If you’re planning on putting your home up for sale soon, you’re probably going to have an open house. Before you put your home on the market, make sure you know these tips and tricks that will help you sell your home faster. Potential buyers notice the smallest things, and sometimes even the smallest flaw can turn a potential buyer away. To avoid buyers from walking away too quickly, consider staging your home. Staging a home is a great way to clean up the spaces that buyers will focus on, create a more inviting, fresh living room, tidy up a bedroom, and spruce up your outdoor space. Take a look at these tips on how to stage your home to sell.

Getting Set Up

Brighten Up

Potential buyers prefer to see rooms that are bright and fresh, consider re-painting your living room and bedroom to a bright white. It’s also important to get any stains off your walls, whether it be from food, a child practicing their ABC’s on the walls, get out your magic eraser and get to work.


It can be tough for potential buyers to envision themselves in your home if your walls are filled with photos of your family and friends. It’s important for them to be able to see themselves living in your house, consider taking some personal items down including any artwork on the fridge.


Focusing on the outside of your home is just as important as focusing on the inside. You don’t want your potential buyers to overlook your home due to some simple fixes. Consider hiring a small landscaping company in your area to cut your grass regularly and do some edging, if you’re up for it you could do it yourself. Be sure to water your lawn to keep it looking lush and green, throw down some new mulch and paint over any chipped spots on your home.

Scrub & Deodorize

No one wants to look at, much less buy a dirty or smelly home. Potential buyers can immediately turned off to a dirty home, especially one with a foul odor. If your home has a smell that lingers, you may want to look into hiring a professional cleaning service if you aren’t up to giving your home the deep clean it needs. Remember, even if you can’t smell your dog, it doesn’t mean others can’t. During an open house all pets should be out of the house, if you don’t have a friend or relative that can watch them for a few hours, you may want to bring them to a local dog day care.

Clear Out the Garage

No one expects your garage to be perfect, but it can be difficult for others to see how they will use your garage if it’s filled with a ton of junk. Organize the shelves and clean up the floors, if you need to rent a storage unit for all your junk, then so be it. You may even want to rent a dumpster to throw out all of the things you’ve been holding onto but haven’t gotten around to throwing away.


This is the most important tip we have to offer, to anyone selling their home be sure you declutter. It’s very important to get rid of the unnecessary items hanging around your home. Clear out your junk drawers, toss out items in your pantry and fridge that have over stayed their welcome, broken knickknacks, old clothing and whatever else you may have taking up space for no reason. If it doesn’t have a purpose and isn’t being used, what are you still doing holding onto it? Many homeowners find it necessary to rent a roll off dumpster to declutter their home and get it ready for potential buyers. Not only will clearing away junk with a dumpster help you sell your home, it will also make it easier for you when it comes time to move. Don’t waste time packing up boxes of old junk you won’t even use in your new home, start with a clean slate after decluttering!


If you’re interested in renting a roll off container to help clean up your home before an open house and a move, call us at Dumpster Rental Inc. We offer affordable roll off dumpsters, nationwide, call today for a free quote and get started on your dumpster rental!

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