Foreclosure Clean Outs

Foreclosure Clean Outs Made Easy

While there has been a noticeable rise in our national housing market, there are still a high number of properties in foreclosure. Many foreclosures are often left with trash and property from the previous homeowners, this can become a nightmare for both the bank, realtors and the future owners who will have to deal with the mess. If you’re a realtor looking for help on getting a foreclosure into shape before an open house, read the tips below!

If You Need a Foreclosure Clean Out

Foreclosed homes need a ton of preparation before they’re ready for an open house. Many banks and realtors with large inventories of property will find themselves needing a clean out service to tackle the mess. Usually these clean outs involve hauling away old furniture, unwanted items, old appliances, and other debris left behind.

Remember when buying a foreclosure, hauling and disposing of the garbage inside shouldn’t be your job. At Dumpster Rental Inc we offer affordable dumpster rentals in a variety of sizes. We provide short term dumpster rentals that include your drop off, pick up, and disposal fees, taking a load off the clean out for you. By renting a dumpster you will have a huge task off your to do list, taking a big step toward getting the property ready to sell or rent.

Speed, Reliability & Quality Service

We understand that professional real estate agents need to show homes in pristine condition, you want to be able to list these foreclosures as quickly as possible. We also understand that you need a hassle free service, and can’t afford to have any issues with the listed property. Your clients will have enough to deal with when selling their home and or buying a foreclosure, so having the chore of waste removal handled by someone else is a huge help.


If you’re ready to rent a dumpster and get started on a foreclosure clean out, call the professionals at Dumpster Rental Inc! Ordering a dumpster is simple, and hassle free, our project managers will walk you step by step through the rental, call us today today for a free quote & get your dumpster from the best, at Dumpster Rental Inc!

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