Downsizing Without the Stress

5 Tips to Downsizing for a Move

As we all know, moving can be a hassle. Between the packing and uploading, cleaning, and preparation, the whole process of moving can become very overwhelming. No matter how hard you try to declutter before a move, you somehow always have more stuff than you realize. From clothes you no longer wear, to gifts that have never been used, your home has probably stored up some items you can definitely live without.

However, if you plan on moving, and you’re moving into a smaller space, downsizing on your stuff must happen. Downsizing is the idea that less is more, what you may lose in square footage you will gain in quality and functionality. Downsizing may seem stressful, but by using these tips you can feel assured that your new home will be much more organized and stress free.

Take Inventory of Your Stuff

Taking inventory of your stuff will be a huge help when downsizing to a smaller home. Sort through your belongings and make three piles, one to keep, one to throw out, and one to donate or sell. It may seem like a daunting task to do before a move, so try to break it up by tackling one room or area at a time, or even spread out the work over a few days. Keep in mind to separate your wants from your needs, remember it’s just stuff.

Dump Duplicate Items

After taking inventory of your stuff, figuring out whether or not you have duplicate items should be your next step. Take a look at what items you have multiples of, keep your favorites. Kitchens are a hot zone for duplicate items, if you find yourself with 10 spatulas, consider tossing a few older ones. Look through your pantry and spices, toss out anything that has expired or you haven’t used in a while, you’ll be shocked at how much you toss.

Make the Most Out of Your Storage

Storage space should be utilized to the fullest when downsizing to a smaller home. Hang shoe racks in your closet, put sneakers inside of ottomans, and utilize the space under your bed. Add some shelves and make the most of your wall space in every room. Install shelves in your new kitchen that will house your plates and bowls or other items you may use daily.

Sell Your Stuff

If you want to get rid of a majority of your stuff, and you find items that are in good condition or even new, you may want to consider having a yard sale. Whatever is left over, consider donating or use other resources to sell the items, there are a ton of online sites including Craigslist, Facebook, EBay, and plenty more that are available to sell whatever items you may have left from your yard sale.

Break Out the Tape Measure

If you’re moving into a smaller space than the one you’re in now, then you already know you’re going to be a little more limited in terms of square feet. You may not have enough room to fit everything, particularly your furniture. Before you move in, measure your new home or apartment and compare it to the measurements you take of your furniture to ensure it will fit properly. You don’t want to have to haul a sofa to your new space only to find out it doesn’t fit. Measuring your stuff before hand will give you a better idea of what can go with you and what you’ll need to get rid of.


The thought of moving into a smaller place may stress you out, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful process! Downsizing means you have more control over your possessions, by using these tips before you move you will have a clear mind and a ton of less junk going into this new chapter of your life! Remember if you find yourself with an overwhelming amount of junk that you need to get rid of, call us at Dumpster Rental Inc for an affordable dumpster rental!


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