Discount Dumpster Rental

What Discounts Does Dumpster Rental Inc Offer?

Many of our customers often ask, “Do you offer discounts?”. Often times the answer is no, but there are some cases where you can receive a discount on your dumpster rental. Keep in mind each dumpster rental company is different, but below is a list of ways you can receive a discount from us at Dumpster Rental Inc.

Ordering More Than One Dumpster at a Time

If you’re planning on ordering more than one dumpster at a time to one location, or even multiple job sites Dumpster Rental Inc can help you out! Ordering multiple dumpsters at one time can become costly, in order to help our customers who have larger projects and are in need of more than one dumpster, we can take 10% off the total cost of your dumpster rental.

Returning Dumpster Rental Inc Customer

If you’ve rented a dumpster with Dumpster Rental Inc before, we would like to show our gratitude for our returning customers by giving them $25.00 off their next dumpster rental. At Dumpster Rental Inc we take pride in our five star customer service, and hope our customers do too. When you rent from Dumpster Rental Inc you’re renting from the nation’s leader in dumpster rental.

Veterans Discount

At Dumpster Rental Inc all veterans and active duty personnel will receive 10% off their dumpster rental after providing military ID. Dumpster Rental Inc would like to thank our veterans and active men and women for protecting and serving our nation.

Contractors Rates

If you’re a contractor and find yourself working on multiple jobs that are in need of dumpster, call the professionals at Dumpster Rental Inc! We work with contractors all across the nation, and pride ourselves on making our dumpster rental experience professional and affordable. If you’re a contractor with one or multiple jobs that need servicing, whether it’s dumpsters, porta-potties, fence, or equipment rentals we can help you.


Keep an eye out for any more discounts that may come around throughout the year as we do offer some holiday specials as well! If you’re ready to rent an affordable dumpster from the experts at Dumpster Rental Inc, call us today, get a free quote, and get started on your next dumpster rental!

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